Understanding the Cheek Implant Procedure

If you are unhappy with weak cheekbones and would like a more prominent cheekbone, cheek implants can help you obtain this look. Additionally, cheek implants can help you to achieve a younger look. If you are interested in the benefits that cheek implants can provide for you, the following sections will provide you with helpful information find best cheek implants.

The Procedure

The procedure for cheek implants usually takes about an hour and is performed on an outpatient basis. The option to be awake during the surgery is available. Your surgeon might allow you to decide what you would like to do but he or she can help determine what will be the best for your particular situation.

The implants that are used will also be based on your situation. Implants come in a number of different shapes and sizes, allowing you to pick from several options to find what is exactly right for your needs and desired look.

The incision for the cheek implants can be made either inside the mouth under the upper lip or in the lower eyelid. Both cases allow the doctor to go in and create a pocket for the implant without there being an outwardly visible scar.

After the surgery, you are held in office until you are ready to be discharged to go home. The amount of time that you are in the recovery room will likely be influenced by your decision for local or general anesthesia.

After the Procedure

The recovery time for cheek implants is relatively quick compared to some of the other plastic surgeries. However, you will most likely want someone to take you home from the surgery. You’ll also probably want someone to be with you at least for a few days after the surgery to help you out if you aren’t feeling well. Strenuous physical activity should also be avoided for up to a week.

The bruising and swelling should subside within the first few days. Some soreness and minor swelling could continue for a few weeks after the surgery, but it should be light enough that acquaintances wouldn’t be able to notice it

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